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Ultimate Guide to Make Coffee with AeroPress


Brewing coffee with an AeroPress is a new process, which has gained a lot of praise.

People from all over the world have admitted that AeroPress coffee tastes much better with a rich and smooth flavor.

So, what is this AeroPress?

Invented in the year 2005, this device is used for brewing coffee. It consists of two nesting cylinders. The filters used are - the AeroPress brewing filter or metal filters that are thin and disc-shaped.

Moving on,

Why does AeroPress coffee taste so good?

Well, there are multiple reasons why coffee brewed with AeroPress tastes excellent. Some of them are listed below –

  1. When coffee beans are brewed on AeroPress, there is a robust yet rapid flavor extraction. This happens mainly because of the grounded coffee is completely immersed in water.
  1. Also, since the coffee is totally immersed, it helps in creating a smoother brew. This is because the extraction happens at a moderate temperature.
  1. AeroPress helps in avoiding the bitterness of long brewed coffee with a shortened filtering time. This happens due to the air pressure of the AeroPress.
  1. This air pressure also helps in enriching the flavor of the coffee.
  1. Also, in AeroPress, the acid level of the brew is less due to short brew time and low temperature.

So, these are the reasons why AeroPress brewed coffees are so good.

Now, let's shed some light on –

What coffee beans are best for AeroPress brewing?

When it comes to AeroPress brewing, these are the best-suited coffee beans –

  1. Caffe Costadoro Espresso roast coffee (whole bean)
  2. Hawaiian Kona Coffee that is single-origin
  3. Bourbon Barrel Aged medium roast coffee infused with Vanilla
  4. Kona Coffee Beans
  5. Hawaiian Coffee

At Coffee Bruvet, you will find all these types of coffee beans.


How to Brew Coffee in AeroPress?

There are two ways to brew coffee in an AeroPress. First,

  1. The original method - In this method, you will have to follow these steps -
  • Start with heating the water
  • Then, grind the beans
  • After that, make sure to wet the filter
  • Now is the time for adding coffee
  • Pour in the water heated previously and stir well
  • Then, insert the plunger and press firmly
  • At last, taste it and dilute accordingly
  1. The Reverse Method - In this method, start by -
  • Assemble the AeroPress in an upside-down manner
  • After that, pour in the grounded coffee
  • Now you should stir once after pouring in water
  • After that, you should steep for 1 minute
  • Now, put the cap on and flip very cautiously
  • Lastly, press, taste and dilute as per preference

So, following these steps, you can easily make a fine cup of coffee with your AeroPress. And to get the best coffee beans, visit Coffee Bruvet. 

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