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Know about the different types of coffee makers

Coffee is an essential part of our lives. You must have observed that we make coffee at home and offices very frequently. And coffee-lovers wouldn’t want to compromise with the quality of coffee we make. This makes it significant for us to know about the different types of coffee makers and brewing techniques. 

 Coffee Bruvet also has different types of machines.

  • Perlocator
  • This is the most widely used type of coffee maker. They were made keeping the safety and convenience of the users in mind. This apparatus can brew as many as 4 to 12 cups of coffee. This machine has two sections - one is filled with water and other coarsely ground coffee.

  • Moka pot
  • This device is known to make the best espresso coffee in the world. These machines merge the techniques of an espresso coffee and perlocator. There are three different sections - one for ground coffee, the other for water and another for brewed coffee. 

  • French press
  • This is the best portable device you can use to brew coffee. This device is entirely self-contained. Hot water and coffee powder are poured into the mobile machine to get a cup of good coffee. The combination of ingredients is then stirred well to get a perfectly brewed coffee.

  • Drip coffee maker
  • If you drink filter coffee, this is the right coffee-maker for you. This machine contains two filters - a paper filter that needs to be changed every time you brew coffee and a metal filter that needs to be cleaned. Some people say that paper filters absorb extra oil in the coffee and give it a great taste.

    You can choose a coffee maker according to your requirements. While some of you might like to have black coffee, others may prefer espresso.

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