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French press – how to make perfect coffee using a French press
If you are a coffee lover, you must know about the French Press and how it makes delicious, flavorful coffee every time you use it. In case you are searching for the best-ever coffee powder or grains, Coffee Bruvet presents a huge collection of rich-quality coffee for every type of coffee lover out there. In this
post, we will help you know all about making the perfect coffee using a French Press.

What is the French Press?

A French Press is a cylindrically-shaped pot that comes with a deep plunger along with a built-in filter screen. The internal structure of the French Press machine is used for pressing the hot water across ground coffee of your choice. The secret of taste produced using a French Press lies in its grinding
process. The experts recommend that you should choose a medium grain level for ensuring consistency as well as uniformity throughout. If you opt for a highly coarse grain of your coffee, it will clog the French Press filter while the presence of highly fine coffee grounds might pass through the machine’s filter and delivering a muddy result.

How to Make the Perfect Coffee Using a French Press?

French Press is known to deliver the perfect coffee in terms of the overall taste as well as consistency. Once you have brought the best quality of coffee powder or grinds from Coffee Bruvet –the leading online coffee shop, you can make use of the French Press for the best results. Here are some ways:

  • Pull out the plunger of the French Press and add a teaspoon of your favorite coffee powder into the same.
  • Pour half a cup of water into the plunger. Make sure the water is hot and not boiling.
  • Reinsert the plunger into the French press machine.
  •  Press the plunger gently downwards.

Once you have used the French press for making the desired coffee, clean the plunger properly.

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